Differences between SongKit and Chord!

You may be a user of my other app Chord!. If so, you may find that Chord! features overlap those of SongKit and ask if SongKit is some kind of Chord! 2. There are major differences between the two apps:

Chord! is a guitar app. It was initially a Chord and Scale reference app, then I added some songbook capabilities to the app, but it remains principally a reference app. Chord! also supports scales and arpeggios. It presents chord voicing and scale fingerings in a more detailed way.

SongKit is mainly a songbook app, storing songs as files. Its purpose is to write or store songs. The layout engine of SongKit is much more evolved than Chord!, and supports auto-avoiding chords and symbols, and tablatures. Editing songs in SongKit is done in a custom made text view. You can copy/paste whole blocks of texts from SongKit to other apps, or reciprocally.

Because SongKit uses a different way to encode music internally, you can import songs from Chord! into SongKit, but you can’t import SongKit’s song into Chord!.

Both apps have their distinct character and usages and none require the other to work completely.