Import Songs from Chord!

SongKit can import songs from Chord! You can either use a full Chord! backup .chordarchive file, or specific ChordSongBook or ChordSongSet files.

To generate a ChordArchive, in Chord!, go to Settings > Advanced > Backup all documents. Only songs will be imported by SongKit.

To generate a ChordSongSet file, in Chord!, open a song collection and then tap the “Export” button at the bottom right of the screen.

To generate a ChordSongBook file, open a tag that contains songs, then tap the songbook icon at the right of the song sections.

All three approaches are equivalent. They make Chord! generate a file that SongKit can read. When you generate the file, you can either save it somewhere or, if SongKit is installed, directly send it to the “Import into SongKit” extension. If you save the file, you can long-press it in the File app, then select “Share”, and then select “Import into SongKit”

You can then select the files you want to import and where you want to save them, and then tap the “Import Selection”. The app will automatically create one SongKit song file per song.