Song Style

A song style describes how a song will be presented, whereas it’s on a device’s screen or a PDF file.

Styles are scalable and can use System Fonts and Colors. This allows the app to adapt automatically from an iPhone using Light mode to an iPad using Dark mode for example.

Scalable dimensions

When the app displays a song, it can use a scaling factor to change the effective size of some elements. By default, the scale is 100% but it can be changed from 25% to 500%.

Many dimensions in the song style can be linked or unlinked to this scale. For example, you may want the margins of a document to stay the same regardless of the scale, or to shrink or expand the lyrics but not the diagrams. A scalable dimension will have the symbol whereas not-scalable dimension will have the symbol . You can slide the dimension’s row to the left to make the “scalable” toggle appear.

Fonts and Colors

Referenceable fonts and referenceable colors are labeled fonts and colors which can be referenced elsewhere in the style. It allows using the same font or color in several places. If you modify the referenced font later, all elements referencing it will be updated accordingly.

For example, let say you want lyrics and comments to share the same font. You can use the “Body” font for both and they will update automatically if you change which font the “Body” font explicitly is. Referenced fonts and colors labels are only used for mnemonic reasons and nothing prevents you to use any font anywhere.

In the “Fonts & Colors” section of a style, you can specify which fonts and colors these referenced elements explicitly are.

Style Components


Front Matter

Part titles




Header & Footers